The Unlucky Weaver 不走運的織布師傅


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In a small town, a cloth-weaver named Sam lived with his wife. He could knit excellent clothes and only for royal families, and yet he was not wealthy. But his other counterparts, who were doing the same job, made a great fortune.

Sam felt very sad and said to his wife. "My dear, my weaving quality, and material selection are superior, but we're still this poor. I can hardly support you. Other weavers are rich and wealthy though, they knit inferior quality of clothes. This place doesn't suit me. I am planning to try my luck somewhere else." His wife didn't appreciate the disturbing idea. "Your earnings are sufficient for both of us, we don't have to move," she said.

However, this weaver made up his mind and left for the nearby city for better opportunities. The lady luck smiled on him and he earned three hundred gold coins in three years. Rich and successful Sam he decided to return home.

On his way back, in the middle of the jungle, he heard two voices.

One voice is Destiny, Destiny said: "Action, you shouldn't have supported Sam and let him earn three hundred gold coins. He doesn't need this much money for his livelihood."

The other voice is Action, Action said: "Destiny, I had to honor him according to his hard work. Now, it's up to you. How many gold coins will you let him have?"

Hearing this, Sam checked his bag immediately, it was empty. He had lost all of his gold coins somewhere. He got depressed and thought, how will I face my wife empty-handed?

He discontinued his journey and went back to the town. He worked even harder and earned five hundred gold coins in one year. Finally, he decided to go back to his home.

On his way back, in the mid of the jungle, he again heard those two voices.

Destiny said: "Action, you shouldn't have supported him and let him earn five hundred gold coins in just one year. He doesn't require this much money for his livelihood."

And Action said : "Destiny, I had to reward him, according to his endeavor. Now, it's up to you. How many gold coins will you actually let him have?"

Hearing the voices, Sam immediately checked his bag, all five hundred gold coins were gone. He got very disheartened. "I am unable to face my wife without even a single penny."

When the heartbroken weaver just about to hang himself, he heard a divine voice :

"Don't panic, I'm Destiny, I have taken your money because you don't need that much. But I'm inspired by your diligent deeds. Therefore I grant you to ask for one boon, which I shall grant!"

Sam answered, "Please grant me a thousand gold coins. This is my only wish."

Destiny replied, "Ok, I will grant you. But you have to fulfill one condition. You should go back and live in the houses of two merchants, one is rich, and the other is poor. After a few days, let me know what you learned from their behavior. "

The weaver again went back to the town. He reached the rich merchant's house. The very rich man didn't like guests, he treated Sam in an offensive manner, which makes him could spend only one night at that house.

The next morning, Sam visited another merchant's home. He noticed that the second merchant was not so rich.

But this merchant showed him warm hospitality, treated weaver Sam extremely well, and served the best food he ever had.

The very next morning, the king's servant came with gold coins, which was Destiny awarded Sam for his good deeds.

At night, he again heard a divine voice :

"Should you know by now, we don't need excessive wealth to live a good life.

The wise weaver understood his lesson completely.

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聽到這裡,山姆立即檢查背包,裡頭空空如也。他在某個地方弄丟了所有的錢。 沮喪的他心想:「我該如何空手去見妻子?」





聽兩個聲音說到這裡,山姆又馬上檢查了背包,五百枚金幣都沒了。 他很沮喪:「我連一分錢都無法給我的妻子。」











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