It's Nice To Have You 有你真好



諺語「A friend in need is a friend indeed」的翻譯是「患難見真友」, 因為「有福同享」、「錦上添花」人人都會;但是「有難同當」、「雪中送炭」卻十分難能可貴。

Mr. Wilson's family decided to renovate his home. He purchased this house two and a half years ago. Since his kids were growing, he and his wife wanted to redecorate it.

They decided to take down the wall of their living room. Initially, when Wilson bought this house, wooden walls were used as a part of interior decorations. The worker removed the splint of the wooden walls, surprisingly found a gecko stuck in the hollow space between the walls.

Mr. Wilson couldn't believe his eyes and wondering how the gecko was there because the wooden wall was completely sealed and there was no room to move behind the walls. Then he found out that one of the gecko's feet was struck by a nail, which was hammered from the outside.It was stapled shape nail and the gecko was completely unharmed.

Wilson and his family were astonished seeing the gecko behind the wooden wall, and they felt so bad for it. Mrs. Wilson reminded her husband that they hammered a nail to hang their kid's photo. Nevertheless, how the gecko survived until now without moving was such a mystery.

The curious family decided to wait for some time and see the magic of how the gecko with a nail stuck on its feet survived for several months without moving, and with no food.

While they were arranging other things, Wilson's son shouted to him, "Dad look here, I found Another gecko!"

Yes, there was another gecko that appeared carrying the food in the mouth. Yeah, that was how the gecko fed while it was stuck in the whole time. This persistent act was so heartwarming and touching everyone in the room. Both geckoes kept the hope of surviving, against all odds from the difficult situation.

The little creature like gecko was blessed to carry such a wonderful heart and wit. How come human beings like us, the mammals with six senses and bestowed with luxuries of life, couldn't carry love and care in our hearts, rather than hatred?






好奇的一家人,決定等上一段時間,希望找出腳被釘住的壁虎,如何在不能動、 沒有食物的情況下存活十幾個月的神奇之處。




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