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「renovate」是「更新、 改善 」,例如:

We must renovate our social life to keep abreast of the times.(為了與時俱進,我們必須改善我們的社交生活。)

They are going to renovate old furniture.(他們準備翻新舊家具。)

It will take over a year to renovate the historic museum.(整修這座歷史悠久的展覽館 ,需要一年多的時間。)


「initially」是「本來、剛開始 」,例如:

The ferry service will initially run on alternate days, increasing eventually to daily sailings.(渡輪剛開始隔日載客,後來變成每日提供服務。)

The damage of Typhoon was far more serious than initially believed.(颱風造成的破壞遠比預期嚴重。)

Mary initially wanted to go to medical school.(瑪麗本來想上醫學院的。)



The country bestowed its highest medal on the war hero.


He considered himself unworthy of the honor they had bestowed on him.(他自認不配得到他們賦予他的榮耀。)

The golden cup was bestowed upon the winner.(優勝者獲頒冠軍金盃。)